About us

We are 2 in the team.
One is Russian, the other is French. Both are looking towards the same direction: try to create quality apps and make the App Store a better place.

Why MyLearningAssistant?

As a consequence of working in a multicultural environement, we always need to learn languages.
We created our flashcards app because we wanted to use one that will 100% match with our needs. By needs we mean features and design. Now it is developped, why not share it with you?

The 3 main assets of My Learning Assistant are:

  • You can learn following the method you are used to: flashcard or a paper list.
  • You can challenge your knowledge: quiz or by writing the full answer.
  • You can add the content you wish.

.Our main goal was to create a cross platform iOS app to study your own content where you want.

What can you do with the App?

You can download your flashcard sets directly from your Quizlet personal account. You will be able to upload your lists and flashcards thanks to the awesome free Quizlet uploading online tool from Excel, Words and other formats. You can then find your lists and flashcards in this app after only two finger taps in the import menu!

We can show you how to do it right HERE!

.And the good news is that if you don’t have a Quizlet account, you can have access directly from My Learning Assistant app, without any login required, to no less than millions of free flashcards and sets made by people for people on Quizlet.

Of course you can make flashcards sets directly on the iPhone or the iPad.

You can study your flash card decks thanks to 4 different modes: Paper list mode, Flashcard mode, Quiz mode and Write it mode.

We would like to offer you a product that really answers your needs.
It has to be simple, efficient, with a clear design.

So let us know if something can be improved!

You can also try our Lite version!
It has limited features to import-export lists, but all 4 modes are available.

We hope you will have fun using our iOS Flashcards app MyLearningAssistant!