Create flashcards, quiz and lists to study on iPhone and iPad

My Learning Assistant make flashcards quiz and lists on iPhone and iPad
Use lists and flashcards to learn languages, vocabulary, history dates, geography, art, literature, chemistry, physics and everything you wish on iPhone and iPad.

Create your own cards or import free decks from Quizlet.
Use 4 different modes: Paper list (unique on the App Store!), Flashcard, Quiz or Write the answer.

Available Features:

+ Create your own lists and flashcard decks.
+ Access and download from Quizlet free database.
+ Download flashcards from your Quizet personal account.
+ Export your lists to Quizlet personal account.
+ Study your lists thanks to 4 different modes.
+ Paper list mode: unique on the App Store!
+ Flashcard mode: turn the card to see the answer.
+ Quiz mode: select the good answer.
+ Write it mode: write the good answer yourself.
+ Unlimited number of lists or flashcard decks.
+ 3 flag levels.
+ Combine decks together.
+ Display flash cards in normal order, reverse order or randomly.
+ Display side one or side two first.
+ Display long text in full screen.

+ No Advertising.
+ Available in English, French and Russian.


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